3 Reasons the Pats Will Win #6

1. The G.O.A.T.: Tom Brady

Tom Terrific is easily the greatest quarterback ever, and he has built his legacy on playoff domination.  After doing what he did in the fourth quarter two weeks ago against the #2 defense in the league, there is no doubt that he will be able to put points on the board against the #4 Philadelphia defense.  While the Eagles’ defense is in the top of the league overall, they were #17 against the pass during the regular season.  Brady will also have his security blanket in this game: While Gronk has been in the league, Brady has been significantly better when Gronk has been on the field than when he has been out. In the game, Brandin Cooks and Gronkowski will draw attention down the field while Danny Amendola and the combination of RBs Dion Lewis and James White out of the back field will terrorize the Philadelphia defense for the entire game. Tom Brady will find the open man and throughout the game he will pick the Philly defense apart.

2. The experience and talent of Belichick and all the Patriots’ coaches.

Even if the Eagles come out on fire and have a first half advantage, Belichick and the rest of the Pats’ coaches are unbelievable when it comes to in game adjustments.  They coach through the entire 60 minutes of the game and have helped orchestrate countless fourth quarter comebacks.  Doug Peterson will definitely have the Eagles, the more talented team on offense and defense, ready to go, but the Patriots have always been better than the sum of their parts. Throughout the game, Belichick will find ways to make up for the deficit in talent, and the Patriots will once again find a way to win.

3. The Eagles are not as good as everyone thinks they are.
The Eagles are a really good team.  They 100% deserve to be in the Super Bowl, but after blowing out the Vikings, the whole world seems to have forgotten how they played the previous three weeks.  The Patriots will be able to find ways to exploit some of the weaknesses exposed in Nick Foles and the rest of the team during those games.  For example, against the Vikings, Doug Peterson did a great job of giving Nick Foles makeable plays leading to his break out.  He put him in good positions, so that Foles never felt uncomfortable: He struggled in the previous three weeks when the defense made him make tough plays.  The Patriots will focus on putting pressure on Nick Foles and making him beat them.  Brady will pick the Eagles’ defense apart and Nick Foles will make mistakes under pressure.  The Patriots will take away the easy opportunities, and play great situational football especially late in the game, locking in their sixth Super Bowl win in the Brady-Belichick era..


Final Score:

Patriots: 27, Eagles: 17



Featured Image: spookyexpress.com


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